Life after Work

Sunday in S.B.

We got up early to go to MacDonalds with Uncle Woody and Aunt Annie. Every workday they meet friends there when the place opens at 5 AM. Aunt Annie had taken off that day but we picked up their friend Boyd on the way because we were dropping him off at the Amtrak station later (he was taking the train to San Diego to stay with family over the holidays). A bunch of other seniors and some homeless guys came into McD’s soon after we arrived. It was fun to chat with people but after we got back to the house John and I went for a nap.

Later on we headed for Costco and the park, then back to the house for more┬árelaxing and food. At some point we straightened out some of the bushes in the front yard and I got my first try with the power hedge trimmer.. wow! In the end John did not trust me to go fast and even enough (these little bushes are supposed to be cut in squares)┬áso I was relegated to cleaning up the leaves and little branches. Oh well…

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