Life after Work

Card, card, card

That huge sack of churro fleece had been staring at me for quite some time so I decided to finally get serious about turning it into some yarn. I carded for hours and only got aboutĀ half of theĀ big fleece turned into batts and those have to go through a few more times, too. This is slow going, thank heavens for my drum carder! Sadly, there were still copious amounts of red sand falling out of the fiber, plus, the fleece is almost felted in part (too much handling when washing!) and there are a LOT of short bits. Not just second cuts, but just shorter hairs. On the up side, the color is very nice, a heathered light brown (camera is in the shop, ack) and the fiber is very soft, much softer than regular churro, so this might have been a mutt sheep.

Another plus – I made my first roving, using the diz in my yarn gauge, yippee!

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