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Sew difficult!

I’m still not done with that skirt! I didn’t have a lot of time on the weekend and I have a hard time sewing in the night – the light on the machine isn’t very bright and I don’t have an adequate table lamp at this point. So I forced myself to proceed with the waist facing and lining. Surprisingly things did come together (no pun intended) quite nicely in spite of my griping, all I have left at this point is to seam the liner and to handsew the facing/liner to the zipper parts, then clean off all those lose threads. If you don’t look closely at the various seams it actually looks like an ok skirt.

Only problem is… it is way TOO BIG!!!

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  1. Sandy

    Okay Dokey, we are to work out a time for us to get together. We will talk this weekend.

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