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Last week I reached a milestone when I finally sent off the remaining paperwork for my German passport to the embassy in Los Angeles. Friends may remember that I initially applied for this a couple of years ago since my passport expired in the late 90s (!). Let’s just say it hasn’t been a priority? Anyway, some of the documents and my passport photo weren’t up to German standards and had to be re-copied, re-done, re-filled out. Add to this that the German authorities were as of yet unaware that I am married and changed my name. (I do recall applying for a German marriage license before we left the country in 95, but apparently that never became legit.) Sooo…. to make a long story short – someone from the embassy called me at work this morning and explained that since some time had passed since my application (small understatement there), rules had changed and I will have to make an appointment to show up in person so that I can be fingerprinted for my passport – however, since I’m planning to travel to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in May they will sport me a temporary passport, yay! I vow to take care of the appointment, fingerprinting, etc. asap! You (all two of you) are my witnesses!

And then…. after work we swung around Paradise Valley Community College, my “alma mater”, to pick up my associates diploma! Another chapter closed, done. I actually felt kind of whistful walking among the students of various ages for those few minutes. It was a great experience, even if the paper in itself is worth nothing. Maybe I’ll look into a bachelor after all, after my mother’s stay.

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