Life after Work

Phoenix – Seattle

Karen gave us a ride to the airport in the afternoon. For once we decided to check in almost all our bags because we were bringing the cooler (stuffed with bedding) and thus had too many items to carry them all on, so we decided to get rid of the heavy bags as well. Our flight was scheduled for departure at 8.30 PM but that didn’t work out since the plane we were supposed to take had a frozen lavatory, so we had to wait a few more hours for another plane to arrive.  While waiting, John was reading Replay and to take a break, got into a conversation with some fellow passengers. It turned out this one lady was big into conspiracy theories and the “new world order”. I expected her to drone on about illuminati next. Ack. John gave up talking to her pretty soon and she got into it with the other people, about religion. We were glad she didn’t try to sit next to us on the flight. We could still here her talking “at” one of the men as we got seated.

John was done with Replay an hour or so after takeoff and started with Midnight Children, but couldn’t get past Rushdie’s prose. I read and knitted the green baby blanket, which I had just started a few days ago. We landed in Sea-Tac around 11:30 PM, grabbed our bags and the cooler, then headed for the rental car shuttle stop. The Seattle airport has some cool design element, at least in the terminal we arrived in. There are metallic fish inlaid into the floor tiles which form a wavy trail to the exit and the water coolers make really loud bubbling sounds when used.

It was pretty cold and windy outside, waiting for the shuttle, but not so bad that I had to reach into a bag to drag out a sweater. Soon enough, we were at the Budget place and found out that for $7 a day more we could get a Prius. Now, we never upgrade our rentals but this one had us curious, so we decided to give it a go. Our friendly attendant gave John a quick tutorial on how to handle the vehicle and then we were off on our way – to our motel bed for the night. 

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