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Productive Weekend

Respun and Plied

I spun and plied a batt I made myself at Yarn School in Spring. The thing with this batt was that I already spun half of it but I hated how it turned out so thick. I wondered – can it be respun? And it worked! I pulled it apart in pieces of about 1 arm’s length and predrafted them by unwinding them. The result wasn’t perfectly even but looked a lot nicer than what I had before. I then spun the other half and plied. For some reason that took forever! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but when I ply it seems as if I’m treadling uphill, probably because I’m holding on to the yarn to add more twist before letting it go on the bobbin, but if I don’t do that it ends up underplied. Ack!

On the rug front – mark II rug is only inches away from the end. Sadly that doesn’t mean much because Navajo weaving gets more and more time-consuming as the rug approaches the finish line as it were. On the up side – the sides look a lot more straight in the top half than the bottom half. I might be finally getting the hang of it!

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  1. Very pretty! I still have batts I made there I want to spin. I think it is normal to need to treadle way more for plying, at least it is true for me as well.

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