Life after Work

Finally – some finished projects

Crochet Hat with Earflaps

I managed to finish a crochet hat and a headband, both made out of my very first handspun yarn. About time! The hat is based on a pattern from the book “Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker”. I used the first yarn I spun, the first fiber I dyed, and some other handpainted fiber that I spun at Yarn School 2007. The hat is supposed to have two buttons to tack up the ear flaps, but I haven’t found anything suitable yet.

 Handspun Handdyed Panta

The headband is a panta, which is a Finnish term. The pattern is available free on Ravelry, courtesy of Sara Morris. I still can’t believe how neat the colors turned out. It almost looks as if I knew what I was doing!

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