Life after Work

Not Going to Flagstaff

We were supposed to drive up to Flagstaff tonight so we wouldn’t have to drive so much tomorrow when we’re visiting the Sheep is Life event in Tuba City. However… John called a few motels about room prices and the rates were outrageous! Super 8 rooms for 90-ish Dollars!? After a while we resigned ourselves to staying at home tonight and just getting out really early in the morning – we’ve been doing the same thing for the last weeks, haven’t we? From that point on, even affordable rates sounded too pricey. We did find a couple of places in the 40-50 Dollar range. However, those are the crummy motels with the really poor reviews. Funny, they usually look okay to us when we drive up and enquire about a room, but when you see the “ACK, stay way from this place” review headlines on a website you think twice about reserving a room…

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