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Weaving class, 2nd lesson

Tonight we tied our warps on our looms, made heddles, wound yarn on shuttles and got started weaving. Never mind if you didn’t get all that, it’s just weaver lingo. Two things were very exciting for me: 1) John was doing well, enjoying himself while appreciating the challenge and 2) I got to use our own loom which is so neat although the thing is so big it is tough to fit into the back seat and it makes the warp look tiny because I chose the make it the same size as the rest of class who is using smaller school looms.

Regarding the pattern: all I know so far is that I’ll finish at least an inch of tan, then do some coal mine, and then a variety of stripes. I want to try some squash blossoms in the middle of the rug because they use diagonals and that will be my new challenge for this rug. I don’t want to overdo it on the rest of the weaving and instead will focus on keeping the sides neat and the warp covered. Let the weaving begin!

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