Life after Work

Graduation! Finally!

Me at Graduation shaking hands with former AZ Senator DeConcini

It’s done! The ceremony lasted longer than I thought and I managed not to trip or drop my mortar board while walking on stage. After receiving my “degree” from college president Kickels I am shown here shaking hands with former AZ senator Dennis De Concini. I’d never heard of him before, but he was a good speaker. By the way, the curtain thing I am wearing is my honor cord, for my 3.925 GPA. I’m happy I got that because I had never bothered with joining the Honor Society or Phi Theta Kappa. When I realized I was eligible it was too late and I could not join PTK retroactively, missing my chance to wear a golden stole and blue cord! Oh well, they saved me $70,  which will go to a good cause – namely John’s new camera. After the ceremony John and I skipped the reception and instead celebrated with dinner at Claim Jumper. 

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