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Spinning Progress


I haven’t had a lot of time for practice since my mom is here but I’ve become a lot more consistent and the yarn is thinner, too. I’m in the middle of a roving I picked up at Yarn School last year, unfortunately the tag is lost so I don’t know where I got it. Instead of splitting the roving in two and plying it with itself I foolishly decided to ply it with another roving which means I have to finish these four ounces and then another four ounces before I can ply and see if it really looks good and if there is enough or too much twist in the yarn. My last yarn was underspun and had a tendency to fall apart while plying so I made sure to add more twist this time. However, it is taking me forever to fill this bobbin and start plying so I don’t know if all the extra spin is gone by then. We shall see…

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