Life after Work

Meet the Cotswolds

I found out recently that there is a farm with Cotswold sheep not to far away from us, in Wilhoit (outside of Prescott) . John tried to surprise me by ordering some fiber for me, however since I hadn’t specified “washed” or “unwashed” he decided to change plans and arranged a visit to High Castle […]

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Easter in Santa Barbara

We just got back from S.B. where we visited our Aunt and Uncle for the first time since last year. We felt a little nervous about how they’d be but were pleasantly surprised how well they were doing given the circumstance. We left Phoenix Friday midday and reached La Casa B. around 10.15 PM, a […]

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Grand day out

We finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed early enough for a day trip. Our path led us first to Superior and Winkelman, a road we used to drive relatively often years ago, for its beauty as well as Maria’s Tortillas that we discovered for sale in the Winkelman general store. This time we […]

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Fort Stevens – Nehalem Bay

Kirk and Rachel met us early in the morning for a walk on the beach where we saw wreck of the ship “Peter Iredale“. We also checked out some of the woodsy trails in the State Park and spotted a few mushrooms. Then the guys headed back to their hotel to check up on the […]

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Seattle – Fort Stevens, Oregon

We had breakfast at a Shari’s restaurant around the corner from our hotel, then hit the freeway to Portland. We were scheduled to meet our friends Kirk and Rachel at the Saturday Market around midday. As we entered the Portland downtown area, we needed some directions and John pulled over so that I could get the attention of […]

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Phoenix – Seattle

Karen gave us a ride to the airport in the afternoon. For once we decided to check in almost all our bags because we were bringing the cooler (stuffed with bedding) and thus had too many items to carry them all on, so we decided to get rid of the heavy bags as well. Our flight was scheduled […]

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From Prescott to Phoenix, the scenic route

Sandy, Tom, and I had breakfast at the Raven Cafe in Prescott, then they took me for a drive through the Prescott area which was really pretty. We ended up on a scenic overlook with an awesome view over Skull Valley, but of course I had left my camera back at their house. We continued […]

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Visiting Sandy in Prescott

I left shortly after 8 am, filled the tank, and hit the I-17 north. Since I made good time in spite of getting lost in Prescott (forgot to bring my directions, go figure) I met up with Sandy at her house. We picked up Janie on the way to the center where the Prescott guild’s gallery and fashion […]

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Back home

I left Elaine’s house a couple hours after breakfast and made it home in the early afternoon. At some point I got really tired and even had to resort to chewing gum to stay focused, so I swung by Dutch Brothers for a latte before I got home. I carried my wheel, bag, and new […]

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Southwest Fiber Festival!

Elaine and I loaded the spinning gear into the van with Rick’s help and took off to Amado right after an early breakfast. The festival was at the Amado Territorial Inn, which has guest rooms as well as a restaurant. About 10 years ago as it turned out, John, my mother, and I had dinner […]

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