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Kneesocks are done!

FO: KneesocksI am really happy about how they turned out although I knitted, frogged, and re-knitted both socks several times over until I got it right. One bummer is that this yarn is scratchy on my calves. Hopefully I’ll get used to it.

In regards to instructions, I used the magic cast-on for the toe and just kept going until I had the right width (it took about 4 tries to get the toe right), then I knitted up to the heel and did a short-row heel. From then on I tried to follow instructions from several patterns but none of them really fit me so I just kept redoing the calf  until it fit. Oh, and then on the second sock I went down a needle size because all of a sudden it was turning out much bigger than the first one.

Regarding the stripes, I used 6 rows per stripe and I didn’t go through much lengths to get “jogless” stripes, I just knit the first stitch of a round with both colors. I kept the color switches in the insides of my leg/feet, hopefully they are not that noticeable.

Kneesocks - humble beginningsRegarding the color changes – I used two skeins of Noro Kureyon Sock in the same colorway which has a really long stretch of tan/beige and green/turquoise and although the two skeins had differing starting points at some point the color on the two strands would converge and end up being the same color. See the bottom photo – I loved how the pink and the turquoise looked together but inevitably both strands would end up brown. I experimented with shifting the starting point of the second skein a while until it looked like there would always be at least a little bit of a contrast. By the way, I had no idea that at the end of the first sock I would come up at almost exactly the same starting point in the color changes so that the second sock is almost identical to the first one. Finally, halfway up the calf of the second sock one of the yarns cheated, there was a knot and the color changed abruptly but luckily I was able to cut out a long piece so that one can’t tell.

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  1. Beautiful! I am green with envy. LOVE striped socks.

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