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Alpine Knit Scarf
While John spent the day at Little Rangoon helping out, I got some stuff done. I did some handwash and blocked my blue lace shawl (Alpine Knit Scarf by Jane Sowerby) which took just about forever. Then I finished updating and uploading the Fibers Through Time Photos. I also continued on with the core form for my pine needle bracelet. It is basically a piece of stemwire bent into a long oval that has to be covered by loops of a thread that looks and feels like dental floss but is called “artificial sinew”.

And I also picked up another one of my ancient projects, the celtic tote bag and started the embroidery stich around the cable pattern. I don’t know if I like how this thing is turning out. My handspun was pretty uneven, but I might as well finish it.

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One Response to “Productive!”

  1. rebeccawip

    ggod to see you back.
    beautiful scarf!

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