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New Years Weekend

Frankfurt Main Webcam on New Years 2010

I celebrated New Years Eve with my very own tradition – I called my mother in Frankfurt about 5 minutes before their midnight – then she opened the windows just in time for me to hear the people on her street go crazy with firecrackers and rockets while clicking through Frankfurt webcams to find fireworks moments. We talked for about an hour, then John and I drove to Little Rangoon for dinner. On Friday our farmer friends Rob and Jerry came over, their first time visit at our humble abode. John cooked up some italian pasta dish served with a small mixed salad.  Saturday was my monthly guild meeting and I’m happy I attended – Christy Puetz from the Bead Museum in Glendale was the Guest Speaker and (naturally) talked about beads, their meaning and history and brought lots of artefacts for us to look at. Afterwards we all made little bracelets with random beads she had brought for us. Later on I went for lunch at Chuys with Gayl, Melissa and a few other ladies. On Sunday I started my latest project – a knitted and felted bag (Celtic Tote from IK Winter 2007) using a bunch of homespun churro singles. I really tried to emulate Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted yarn but some skeins came out more bulky. And of course all of my five skeins are of different grist, but three are pretty close, so I figured I”ll get started and see what happens. Live dangerously!

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