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Our box from Germany arrives

In October we had some great visitors, our old friend from way back when in Frankfurt, Taner, with his girlfriend. They stayed in Phoenix for a few days to visit with us before embarking on a long trip around the US. We had a great time together and John and I were so happy they were able to spend time with us and at the same time sad to see them go. When the two of them left us we gave them our crummy prepaid cellphone (in case of emergency) and a bunch of maps and made tentative plans to meet up in Vegas before their return to Europe. Well, things happened not quite as planned – we didn’t hear from them and were out of town when they swung back around Phoenix to visit us one last time to return our stuff and bring us a present – and then there wasn’t any time left to rendezvous in Vegas. So they departed and ended up sending everything in a BIG box, completely covered in “caution glass” sticky tape. On our way home this afternoon we ran into Mr. Postman and picked up our package right from the truck, yay!

Upstairs we gently opened the box and, next to our phone and maps found three very special gifts – one amazing bird made out of a stone and metal, one beautiful gecko made out of porcelain, and one very, very, very special shawl – which Verena had worn here during her visit. I loved it and had complimented her on it and she decided to send it to me with a sweet note. I am still overwhelmed! Thank you Verena and Taner, I miss you guys! Hope to see you again next year.

My surprise shawl from Germany

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