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Company Christmas Party

My company has had a holiday party every year since I started there in 2002. John and I have skipped a couple of years because we were traveling, other times I attended by myself because he was out of town or otherwise indisposed. Some years the firm rented a restaurant space, two years we tried celebrating in the office, this year we got together in a “golf house” at the nearby Kierland Resort. Unlike last years we not only got to bring our spouses but kids as well.  The atmosphere was casual, relaxed and we had a lot of fun. John is always nervous about attending these kind of functions but usually manages to have a good time regardless.

One funny moment occurred when a bag with envelopes was brought out and all employees (or their representing family members) all got to pick one. John threw himself into the melee and pretended to push a few children aside to grab on envelope -and thus managed to grab the big price for us, travel money!

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  1. Oh you are so polite, I pushed them children aside and down. One even went crying to mommy that the fat man elbowed him…oh so sorry little worm but my happiness was at stake and I knew I was about to win big. So I took a karma hit but I scored. What do kids need travel money for anyway?

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