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Kool-Aid dyeing for the first time

Kool Aid Experiment I

Finally, I tried out my own dye lab (courtesy of Mr. Wise). I split 8 oz. of superwash merino top in half, soaked it in vinegar water, mixed up several flavors of kool-aid and poured it on. I didn’t do any color mixing I just wanted to see how the colors would come out straight out of the pouch. After painting the roving I rolled it into a pouch with plastic wrap and microwaved it for a total of 4 minutes, I hope that was enough. Something that really got annoying after a while – when I rinsed the fiber the candy┬ákool-aid smell was overpowering! But compared to other dyes that is probably a minor headache. The outside of the top did felt a tiny bit I’m afraid and I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to spin this (I’m forcing myself to practice with other rovings first) but nonetheless this was fun and easy and I’m excited! Indigo is next!

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