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Thanksgiving Weekend

John and I stayed home for the long weekend for the first time in quite some time, instead of heading to the Oregon Coast and its yurts. While that felt a little strange we also had our fun with the mini vacations to the East Coast and the Florida Keys and I was looking forward for a few days of unadulterated fun at home.

It all started on Wednesday when I attended a Thanksgiving tradition at my company – an afternoon at a local casino. This has been going on for the last three or four years but I’ve never been able to go since we’ve always bailed at the soonest opportunity. I was worried about the gambling – but it was fun. I learned how to play Black Jack and was able to walk away with just a little less money than I started out with. 

On Thursday we met with Elizabeth and Alfred (Mr. and Mrs. Little Rangoon) and their daughter at lunchtime for a sumptuous feast at China King in Chandler. We hadn’t ever tried dim sum before so this was very cool, new experience. The food was great and we ate so much that I didn’t feel hungryat all for the rest of the day.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I managed to get lots of quality spinning time in and also found time to straighten out my work area a bit. All in all I spun 3 skeins of chunky churro singles (around 6oz in total), and spun and plied 4 oz of some wool roving I dyed at home last year, plus 2 oz of alpaca/merino combed top. Then I cleaned my carder and carded a bunch of my black alpaca fleece. I’m nowhere near done with that one though, all the batts need at least a second pass and I’m less than halfway through the bag of fleece. In between, I mended some clothes that had been on my to-do list for a while.  And, I prepped and uploaded a bunch of photos from our January 2009 Yellowstone trip to Flickr.

All in all a very productive long weekend at home!

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  1. Sandy

    I am so impressed except you have really put me to shame. Maybe I need to complain my house is way too big instead of complaining it is way too small. I know what you are thinking 😉

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