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Engagement Saturday

Sonal and Caroline at Rachna's Engagement

I’m having a hard time coming up with titles for these blog entries!

Today was Rachna’s (Sonal’s niece) engagement. We arrived at their house around 8 AM and nobody was ready! A bunch of guys were hanging out downstairs while the women were getting ready upstairs. Finally, all sarees and odhnis were pinned down properly and all make up applied and the procession got on the road. We arrived at fiance Niral’s house and were greeted by family and friends. First though, Rachna had to step into a tray of red liquid and walk onto onto a piece of white cloth, leaving red foot prints. Her first steps into her future home as a bride were thus preserved. Then, the ceremony went underway. Mrs. Rajaguru did a great job and talked the young couple through the many steps it takes to get engaged in the Hindu universe (as usual, nuts, strings, and flower petals played center roles).

Finally, it was time to move on to the reception which took place at a location near Desert Ridge. After a few (emotional) speeches and a dance performed by Hemu, Kushboo, Saachi and Purvi, the guests descended on the food (which was delicious).  John was in overdrive, only taking a short break to eat, then returned to the mingling guests. At the end of the party he took a number of group photos of various combinations of family members and friends with the happy couple, then it was time to go home and relax.

Both of us were tired but did not want to give in to an afternoon nap considering we had to prepare for our own evening entertainment. We did some housecleaning chores then John took off and picked up Raynee. The two of them got dinner (pani puri) going but we didn’t eat until Joe arrived later. After dinner we watched Kamikaze Girls.

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2 Responses to “Engagement Saturday”

  1. rebeccawip

    another wonderful day! love the pic! sounds so fun and exotic.

  2. Sharie

    Hi Caroline,
    I am happy to see you blogging again. I enjoy reading what you and John have been doing. I have your website on my desktop, so I check it each week.
    Sharie Monsam

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