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Social Saturday

We got up and out early to spent most of today with our farm friends Rob and Jerry in honor of Jerry’s birthday. After arriving at the farm around 8 AM we had some breakfast, then, after getting various chores done, the four of us piled into our tiny Kia and drove to the movies (Where The Wild Things Are). Back at the farm, John saved the day since Rob’s adopted kitten Junior had been missing all day and Rob was preparing for the worst – until John spotted the little critter out and about just before dinner. Junior (who was born to a stray cat on Rob’s property) still hangs out with this biological family in the daytime but fearing for the kitten’s safety Rob wants him indoors at night – I can see housecat written all over Junior’s future.

For dinner we had a celebratory barbecue with steak for the guys and a veggie burger for me (Rob had one as well, actually) along with mac and cheese and some broccoli. For dessert Rob had made a gigantic apple pie with apples from New Mexico – delicious! Even I had a second helping. Needless to say we had a tough time staying awake on our way home.

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  1. rebeccawip

    sounds like a wonderful saturday!

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