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I’m now over 6 months behind with this blog: the last entry was May 19th! Every once in a while I made some half-hearted attempts at writing entries but without publishing them because I felt I needed to publish entries in chronological order. Well, no more of that! What’s the point in having a blog when there’s no entries for people to read?!

I vow to improve and promise to start blogging again from now on but will still post the occasional past entry to fill in the gap, so I apologize to my 2.5 readers for possible confusion with dates.

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3 Responses to “Back to Blogging”

  1. rebeccawip

    good to see you back!
    cant wait to see more 😉

  2. Sandy


    Happy you have return :)

  3. Sandy

    Hmmmm, it has been 6 days since we last heard from you……….

    I know you have news to tell!

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