Life after Work


After breakfast at Cajun Kitchen for the second time this trip we did the usual stuff, like one more Costco stop and the park, but there was also something different and special this time. On the way back to the house we noticed a nervous dog by the side of the road at a busy intersection. Thinking that this couldn’t be right we slowed down and the dog (a black lab) approached in a friendly manner. We figured he must have been lost since he was wearing a collar with phone numbers and a name (“Buddy”) as well as tags. Since we couldn’t risk loading Buddy into the van since Sophie was growling a bit, John jotted down the phone numbers and I jumped out of the van armed with a box of dog bones to keep Buddy company and out of the street while John drove back to the house to try the phone numbers. Buddy was really nervous and skittish at first but really loved the bones. I broke them up and gave him a little bit at a time to focus him away from traffic. Finally John and Uncle Woody came back with the van. They hadn’t been able to reach anyone, so it was decided to bring Buddy to the Humane Society in the knowledge that someone would pick him up shortly.

After that was done and we returned to the house we found out that Buddy’s owner had returned John’s call, so we directed him to the Humane Society where he probably picked up his dog right away. All of us were quite happy to be able to help out and prevent a dog from getting run over in a busy street.

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