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Left for Santa Barbara

It seemed like we hadn’t done the drive in ages. We left in the morning, not quite as early as we’d originally planned, but oh well. We stopped for lunch at the North Woods Inn in Covina. John surprised me by not ordering the Lumberjack Steak as usual, but the neverending cheese toast and salads (what I always get). They have some really yummy red cabbage and white cabbage salads and we got stuffed next to a bunch of larger parties celebrating Christmas early. I love that place, the atmosphere is so out there, kind of cheesy but in a good way.

A few hours later we arrived in Goleta (ya, we always say Santa Barbara but our folks really live next door to it). Strange, it was still light out (we usually get there on Fridays between midnight and one in the morning) and we were not falling down tired. The usual servings of lasagna and cheese cake followed soon after. It is great to be here again.

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