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Photo bag is ready!

Percy Jr., my new camera bag

Just in time for our vacation I finished the baggie for my camera (a Canon power shot SD1100). It is a miniature version of Percy on I spun this yarn on my friend Sandy’s wheel when I spent a weekend in Prescott recently. The batt was a “Batt out of Hell” which I had received in my goodie bag at Yarn School (I think Spring 2008). There was an etsy store address on the label which no longer exists. I really do love the colors and how it spun up, though! It really made me want to card up some art batts of my own. And I even lined the bag with some scrap fabric.

The only thing I’m not fond of is the strap. I knew I wouldn’t have enough of the cool yarn so I decided to try using some other handspun and the only thing that worked was this grey/pink stuff. I just don’t think a knitted strap will work in the long run. It seems to get longer the more I wear it and also would have been good to make the strap detachable because oftentimes I just shove this bag into another larger one and the strap gets in the way. In future (ya, right) I could see myself cutting off the strap, attaching rings to each side and fastening a woven cloth strap to it. Maybe this could be an inkle loom project when I finally get that loom going…

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