Life after Work

Caroline leaves

Unlike with other vacations, this time I actually had a few things going on at work and was busy for the half day I was at the office. Sonal was supposed to pick me up at home on 1 PM and I was actually running a bit late! Then when I got ahold of her through Hemu at the store she left home and wasn’t able to get off the 101 at Cave Creek. She was forced to detour to the 51 while I was freaking out at home, waiting in front of the apartment complex,¬†wondering what could have happen to her. I was so happy when she arrived! Of course I got to the airport with plenty of time left anyway.

The flight was pretty bumpy but otherwise uneventful and I was so excited to see John and my mother waiting for me in the airport! We drove to Frederick, MD, from Baltimore and were all very tired by the time we found our Sleep Inn.

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