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Temporary passport arrived!

Wow, that went fast! Next, I’m going to have to travel to LA for a day because I need to show up in person to get fingerprinted for the “permanent” passport. The instructions on how to set up an appointment for the fingerprinting are somewhat cryptic, but I’ll call the 800-number tomorrow to find out what my next steps are.

Three funny things about the temporary passport: a) it is green, like the old German passports (before the “Europa Pass” which is red) and b) I’m listed with my maiden name because I’m not yet officially married in Deutschland. c) I can tell my photo was taken on St. Patrick’s Day because of the color of my t-shirt in the photo (how often do I wear bright green shirts again?). While I stared at my photo and info John pretty much took the words out of my mouth: “You are German again!”

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