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Trip to Ikea

We had planned to make this an “away” weekend, but exhaustion overwhelmed us and we stayed home. John still working on sorting out all our audio files, me tinkering in the knitting and crafting departments. Today we visited Ikea to finally buy a replacement for our clothes drying rack. Would you believe that our metal drying rack has lasted over 10 years? Well, it is literally on its last legs now, the enamel is crumbling off and several welded spots have come apart. Target didn’t have what we wanted and online searches brought up hugely expensive items ($50-70!!!), until we found the right thing for the right price – at Ikea, for $19.99 (called “Frost”) and they were in stock at the Tempe location!

One drive to the Tempe store later, we made a dash for the drying rack but in due course also picked up an ice cube tray that makes heart shaped ice cubes and one bottle each of lingonberry and alderberry drink flavorings. I was really eyeing the fabrics (on sale,of course) but did not buy any (yet). Withstanding the temptation at Ikea is tough, but we did it!

On the way home we had an early dinner at Hodori, a Korean restaurant in Mesa where John enjoyed his favorite, daeji bulgogi (spicy bbq pork) and I had tofu hot pot with seaweed.

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