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A few weeks ago I pulled a bunch of books from the shelves, and created two stacks, one that could go to the library right away, and one which I want to read one more time. Since then I’ve read a book about historic poisoners (think: Cesare Borgia), a biography of Isabelle Eberhardt, Der Vorleser from Bernhard Schlink (the German book on which the movie The Reader was based on) and a book about the Lodz Ghetto during the Holocaust. I finished the latter this morning, thankfully. It was a tough read.

Now I’m on to The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense (we used to go to book stores regularly where John would get into magazines while I would randomly pick interesting books from the bargain bins. I’m still on and off reading Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson (which we somehow came across by accident, found in a rental car or something like that).

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