Life after Work

Seattle – Fort Stevens, Oregon

We had breakfast at a Shari’s restaurant around the corner from our hotel, then hit the freeway to Portland. We were scheduled to meet our friends Kirk and Rachel at the Saturday Market around midday. As we entered the Portland downtown area, we needed some directions and John pulled over so that I could get the attention of a guy on the sidewalk. I realized too late he was blind but was equally embarrassed and elated to find out that he was able to give us excellent directions. Shame on me! We found the Market all right, and it took only about 5 minutes of circling until we managed to find a parking spot. The Saturday Market at Burnside Bridge is a hippie arts and crafts type fair. We saw a bunch of colorful handmade looking shirts and hats (so John and I were totally fitting in with our handknitted beanies). We only waited at Skidmore Fountain 5 or 10 minutes and then Rachel and Kirk arrived. We briefly circled the market, then decided to go eat at a nearby Middle Eastern restaurant. Lunch was followed up with a round of lattes at a coffeeshop around the corner, then Rachel and Kirk led us to a Whole Foods-type grocery store so that we could stock our cooler. We picked up bread, cheese, meat for John, and a bunch of vegetables. Afterwards they gave us a tour of Portland neighborhoods and a huge park. I have to say, except for what appears to be a large number of homeless people I really like it there.

Next, we drove out to Fort Stevens State Park, our first yurt of this trip. Rachel and Kirk suggested we meet for dinner at Astoria so we left Portland right away while they headed to go home to collect Rachel’s kids and pack some quick bags. We took the scenic route along the Columbia and didn’t make very good time; daylight was gone before we reached Astoria. We drove out to the Fort Stevens State Park campsite and checked into our yurt, then headed back to Astoria for dinner at an Italian restaurant, where we met the guys and kids, Ian and Cassidy, who were very nice and well-behaved, although poor Ian was sick with a cold and threw up on the way back to the car, poor kid. All in all, we had a fun day although John didn’t take one photo.

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