Life after Work

Productive Sunday

My first cotton 2-ply

I woke up feeling poorly, with a headache and the beginnings of a sore throat, accompanied by that peculiar taste in my mouth that is the harbinger of a upcoming cold. However, except for the headache which decided to stick around until the afternoon, it didn’t get any worse than that. John felt similar and by the end of the day we were wondering if this was brought on by a change in the weather. The day started out crisp and sunny with some clouds but ended fully overcast and rainy looking.

In spite of the malaise I was very productive. I practiced spinning some naturally brown cotton, even managing my first cotton two-ply! I also spun and plied some practice lace weight, and tried navajo-plying the leftover singles. On top of that, I got more weaving done and am now down to the last 5 full rows (I hope) before the “special” rows (Navajo weaving technical term alert). Yay, I can’t wait for that thing to come off my loom.

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