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White Elephant Party

Tonight was the company Christmas Party with the infamous white elephant game. We just found out about this a couple of days ago and I really don’t like this game. I¬†would just¬†prefer not to blow $20 on something “crazy” that people won’t care for. Secret Santa so much more my wavelength! So, after I agonized over what to get over dinner yesterday, John suggested I buy toilet paper and that’s what I did. Not just any toilet paper, but Charmin Ultra, the fluffy stuff I wouldn’t buy for myself!

I was a little nervous that people wouldn’t think it is funny (I wasn’t sure if it was funny or not, but, hey, it is a useful thing to have around), but I did score a big laugh. Key Learning: Put the TP rolls into a box so that people won’t know what it is when they touch the package.

What did I get? A DVD. Of a movie I didn’t find interesting when it came out in the theater. Actually, I would have preferred to get my TP. Oh, well.

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