Life after Work

Election Day

I drove myself to work, John packed up the rental car, voted, and headed back out to Santa Barbara. Sigh. The election processes provided a lot of distraction throughout the day, though. I can’t vote since I’m not a citizen so I’ve tried to stay away from that whole circus, especially in the last weeks, but that proved pretty much impossible. However, today’s excitement, the build-up to the moment when the final result was announced was amazing. I was on the phone with John on and off throughout the evening and we both felt at once stunned and elated, even a little teary, about Obama’s victory.

Sadly, McCain’s surrender speech was the best speech I have heard from him yet. In terms of eloquence and grace he overshadowed Obama’s speech to some extent. McCain’s a good man, he tried hard and I felt for him. But now the race and the election are finally over, it is time to sweep all that stuff to the side and watch the next president of the US of A go to work.

Go Obama!

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