Life after Work

Visiting Sandy in Prescott

Sandy and Tom

I left shortly after 8 am, filled the tank, and hit the I-17 north. Since I made good time in spite of getting lost in Prescott (forgot to bring my directions, go figure) I met up with Sandy at her house. We picked up Janie on the way to the center where the Prescott guild’s gallery and fashion show was held. It was nice to mingle and meet so many interesting women. By coincidence I ended up sitting next to Rowena Tank, whom my mom and I had got to know at Fibers Through Time 2008 in Tucson. She lives in Prescott and makes beads and pendants out of glass and creates very beautiful and interesting jewelry. She also speaks German very well since she married a German military pilot and lived in Germany for a number of years, so my mother and her really hit it off back in Tucson. After today’s luncheon, Rowena joined a number of women backstage to model some of the items in the fashion show. The Prescott guild sure has a number of very talented members! It seems that the Yavapai College also offers some excellent fiber arts classes.

After the show Sandy, Janie, and I attended a colloquium held by Gretchen, Janie’s daughter. Don was already there among the other attendees. The subject was nutrition and food marketing, interesting stuff. Afterwards, the Hoffmans took off to another college-related event and Sandy and I returned to her house to prep some salads and other munchies for dinner. I also met Sandy’s hubby Tom. He went and picked up a few take and bake type pizzas which we finished baking at home while Sandy and I prepped salad and other munchies. Janie, Don, Gretchen, and another friend arrived around 7 PM and we all had a great time talking and eating.

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