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Driving down to Tucson

Tom Mix Memorial

I’m going to attend two workshops at the Southwest Fiber Festival tomorrow, so I drove down to Tucson to spend the night at Elaine Ross’s house. Elaine is the president of the Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds and graciously invited me to stay the weekend at her beautiful home so I could drive down to the festival in Amado with her. I am the Federation “webmaster” which mostly means I tend to the forum and update the occasional person and link on the site. I am actually still planning to give the site a well deserved face list but, admittedly, really like spending the few off hours I have these days spinning and weaving.

I left work around 2 PM, picked up a sandwich and coffee and hit the 101 at 2.30, managing to avoid heavy traffic. I chose to go through Florence on the 79 rather than take I-10 and arrived at Elaine and Rick’s shortly after 5. I hadn’t met them in person before but we had a really good time.

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