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Labor Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

It was high time for us to return to S.B. for a visit and what could be better than a long weekend? To make things easier on us we didn’t leave Friday afternoon to struggle with the traffic but instead got up early¬†Saturday morning and had a good drive without any problems. We spent the afternoon with Boyd, and John barbecued some hot dogs from Buffalo. Uncle Woody was pushing around with his cast (he broke a bone in his foot about 10 days ago), I was suprised how mobile he was. The walker really helps.

After the usual breakfast at Cajun Kitchen on Sunday, John and I visited the Goleta Farmer’s Market and bought a bunch of green beans, olive oil, and some other interesting things, like strawberry guavas. By Monday we had decided that John and I would go home and then John would return and spend some time with them, for company and to help out driving. We really made good time on the way home, somehow we avoided the holiday weekend traffic.

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