Life after Work

Dinner with the Patels

Sonal and her mom invited us to dinner tonight. We couldn’t actually remember the last time we’d been over for dinner, but it must have been 1-2 months. This time we feasted on pav bhaji, one of our favorites, especially the way Sonal and her mom make it. Lucky me also was also able to snag a lunch portion for another day. This is one dish John has never attempted to make at home, no idea why.

After dinner we chatted while John was doing some maintenance on the family PC. There was a funny moment when a chat window popped up and one of Khusboo’s friend’s wanted to say hello. John pretended to be Khush for a few minutes but even with all of his “youth-talking” Satchi still thought something weird was going on. Khushboo and Hemu were both at home, although intently studying. Hemu was preparing for a college test the next day and Khushboo was working on some Algebra problems for high school, which I was able to help with just a little bit. I liked Algebra in school, but it takes me a while to get back into it because I haven’t done it in such a long time. For my associates degree I had been lucky to aptitude test myself right past this stuff into Calculus.

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