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Summer Treats

Jackfruit Granola

This time of the year is jackfruit season at Lee Lee, a Vietnamese grocery store in the Phoenix area. You don’t have to buy an entire fruit, the guys can chop and wrap as much as you’d like to take home. John bought me a tray full because he knows I don’t care for the canned stuff at all, but like the fresh fruit a lot. Luckily they picked the fruit for him because he said he’d never chosen the one they opened for him because it looked overripe. The fruit pieces however, are sweet and delicious and yielded half a dozen monster size seeds for balcony experiments. Another sweet and fruity treat in Summer are yellow mangos which Lee Lee imports from Mexico. I cut up a couple of dozen to freeze and ate as much as I could fresh, on granola, mixed with yogurt or just straight up with a spoon. Yum!

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