Life after Work

Dinner with Rinku’s Family

Tonight we were invited for dinner at Rinku’s house. As we stepped in, everyone was, of course, surprised because they had never seen John without beard. Rinku couldn’t stop laughing of course. We watched Rinku’s engagement video, which was very well done with nice music and made me tear up just a little. Our little Rinku, engaged to be married!

Afterwards we proceeded to the dinner table for bitter melon, dal, mango pickle, kadhi, rice, and sweet mango pulp. Bitter melon isn’t very popular with young people and we teased Rinku and her brother for not liking it. Rinku’s mom was happy to see us devouring it. Bitter melon is indeed bitter, but if it is prepared well it is very tasty – or maybe we just acquired the taste for this very healthy dish. John is planning to spend some time cooking with Rinku’s mom very soon so that he can learn how to properly cook this knobbly vegetable.

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