Life after Work

A busy day

Today we rolled out of bed before 4 AM to drive out to Tonopah. The Farm Stand was not quite as busy as it had been – not surprisingly considering the heat and humidity. I loaded up the boxes for the CSAs right away, but it took uncharacteristically long for the local folks to come and pick them up. Exciting highlight of the morning was a puppy that someone had found on the road and left with Rob. Luckily for the doggy (and Rob who wasn’t quite ready to adopt a dog at this point), a young woman volunteered to take the pup home. After the Farm Stand closed we broke down and moved the whole thing: tents, poles, shelves, tables, chairs and all, so that work can begin on the new, more weather-resilient roof. After catching our breaths and taking a rest at the house we loaded our car with more bell peppers, tomatoes, figs, carrots, onions, squash, and beets and headed for Phoenix, stopping on the way home for lunch.

Once we were home we did not succumb to the calls of the bed but immediately went to work cutting up and pickling 7 or so quarts of peppers, blanching, slicing and freezing several pounds of carrots, and slicing, caramelizing and freezing lots of sweet onions. In between I also baked a fig newton and John made and canned fig chutney. Yum! We fell into bed, totally exhausted, around midnight.

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