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Tour de Fleece, Week 1

Week 1 Tour de Fleece

I finished 1oz (27g) of my merino superwash top, that’s not too bad considering that I had a late start and was busy with the baby top. I also managed to sneak in a couple of inches of rug weaving, yay!

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2 Responses to “Tour de Fleece, Week 1”

  1. So pretty! I can’t believe you’re doing all of that on a drop spindle. Egads. (When I drop spindle, they call it “drop” spindling for a reason.)

  2. caracolina

    Thanks! I have to post a new photo with the progress for last week – I am about 3/4 done with my top. I love that I’m able to get so much spinning in with the drop spindle, but it doesn’t do anything for my posture because with my right hand holding the fiber kind of high, my head and upper body tend to lean over to the left. At least it didn’t give me any backaches, something I was afraid would happen. I wish I could switch sides but my left hand is just not capable.

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