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Baby top almost done

Baby Om Tank & Kool Aid Spindle

I found out yesterday that the baby celebration (it isn’t really like an American baby shower) is on Saturday! This Saturday! Luckily I’m almost done. I finished the embroidery and took care of the hanging threads last night. And at 8.30 PM we drove over to the nearest Joann store so that I could pick out some cute buttons. At that time we were enjoying our first big rain this Summer with great lightning action. It cooled off very nicely too.

The spinning is going slowly, obviously, since I’m only doing it on the way to and from work in the car. I’m surprised how well this works actually, considering our car is so tiny. Since I’ll be done with the tank top sooner than I thought, I’m throwing in the navajo rugs and spinning/plying the rug wool into the challenge. They have to be done by end of the month, anyway. Let’s see if I can do that AND complete my drop spindle spinning.

Before I forget, I got the Om pattern online from a cool knitting blog called Kody May Knits. Thanks, Kody!

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