Life after Work


Earlier today we realized the apartment was hotter than usual. John inspected the A/C and found out it was frozen. He borrowed a water hose from a guy who was cleaning blood from the walkways in the apartment complex (apparently some drunk guy went on a rampage last night and broke through some people’s windows – there goes the neighborhood) to thaw the thing on the outside, but we needed to let it stay off for a while because it needed to thaw further in (whatever that means, I have no idea). At some point we took off to get more mason jars and a bite to eat but when we returned the A/C still wasn’t able to cool. The apartment complex people let us have a portable unit so we installed that in one of our windows and crossed our fingers. It got up to 96 degrees in here and it is humid! At some point we decided to just grin and bear it and proceeded to get going with more canning. John made about 1/2 a gallon of fig preserves and right now a huge pot with 15 pounds of tomatoes and other veggies is simmering on its way to more canned V8.

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