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Dyeing: Bubbles in the Dusk

John left really early this morning to join Rob and Jerry at the farm stand, but I took the day off and just did what I wanted to do. Mostly, I experimented with dyeing. I chose some photos from the inspirational picture book John had given me for my birthday and tried to hit those colors, with mixed results. The main take away for me is that I’m still not diluting the colors enough. But, it seems that when I dabbed some colors on a paper towel for testing, they just looked a lot weaker than they actually came out on the fiber, so I can’t really use that as a gauge. I ordered some more dye powders so that I can continue experimenting when my dye stocks run out. It is a lot of fun!

I also took a bunch of photos of my experiments as well as finished projects and other stash items and started some sets within John’s Flickr account. Since he’s not really using his pro account to the fullest I figured I could share his account for a while. Once I’ve taken a few more photos of my stash and WIPs I’m only going to take photos every once in a while for blogging or Ravelry, so I don’t think I really need my own pro account. Let’s see how I’m handling having my own camera. 

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