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Running after Mary

As usual we got out early to drive out to Tonopah to help Rob with the Farm Stand. However, the highlight of today was a short hop over to Chile Acres once I was done with the CSA boxes for the local pickups. Celia and Jimmie were not due home until later today and Mary (the goat pictured above) needed milking. John had been doing this all week and today was my turn. You can see why she was named (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary) because she really isn’t keen on getting pulled out of the pen, even though the milking provides relief and is accompanied by some tasty goat feed. Since my roping skills are non-existent I had to chase her around the pen about 6 times (while John was laughing his head off) until I had her trapped and was able to slip the noose over her head. Once Mary was outside she knew the drill and jumped on the milking stand. I quickly hooked the lead (which John had secured to the stand) on her collar. Soon Mary was munching away happily while I had little trouble getting her milk flowing. Before I knew it, I had gotten an entire quart out of her and probably made some bottle babies very happy come next meal time.

After a few more chores we headed back to Tonopah Rob’s where John made lunch for the guys and us, which not only included veggies freshly harvested from the farm but also a cobbler made with blackberries which we picked last month. A la mode and yummers!

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