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The Car is Dead, Long Live the Car!

Yesterday morning our 2006 Hyundai Accent bit the dust. I had just stepped out the car into the parking lot at my office and John was driving away when the car just croaked. John tried to start it a couple of times, unsuccessfully, and then we pushed it into parking spot. Alan, one of my co-engineers drove him over to a rental car place, where all they had was a red pickup truck, meh.

We later found out that the timing belt had slipped, taking out the engine. Our options were to replace the engine or get a new car. So we got a new car, of course. For about the same money we would have put into fixing the Accent we got ourselves a Kia Spectra 5 today and a slightly higher car payment. Painful, but it could have been so much worse.

And to top it all off – John really had to get out to Tonopah early in the morning to milk the goats at Chile Acres. When he got there, hours later than planned, two of the pregnant goats went into labor with one needing assistance, since the kid was breached. If he hadn’t been there late and she had gone into labor alone she and the baby could have died. That thought made us feel a lot better.

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