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Our new pets arrived

My hand with worms

Move over Murph, here come the worms. We finally took the plunge and invested in a state-of-the-art worm box and 1 pound of worms, courtesy of Robert at Canyonland Worms. We met Robert last weekend at the Roadrunner Park Farmers Market and everything just seemed right for us to make the move. Ever since we’ve been cooking, juicing, and making almond milk at home we have lamented the amounts of veg pulp and peel that had to go into the garbage instead of a compost heap. Now we’ll get to feed our wiggly friends instead! In return we’ll receive worm castings which are a great addition for the garden (well, balcony in our case).

After we got home with our prize (the worms traveled – mixed in peat mulch – in a linen sack) I prepared the bottom tray of our worm box by lining it with moist newspaper. Then I soaked a brick of coconut coir in some water and spread that on top of the paper. Finally the wigglers moved in. They are currently burrowing into the coir and getting ready for a nap (since the light is on). It will take a couple of days for them to feel at home and start feeding. We probably won’t have to add food until Sunday or so. I’m so excited!!! 

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