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Carding and Spinning Cotton

Cotton fibers from raw fibers to yarn

John got me a variety of cotton fibers for my birthday, among them were two large bags of Pima cotton, from Cotton Clouds in Safford, AZ. He thought they said it could be spun right out of the bag, but I just couldn’t do it. Instead I used a set of Strauch hand cards which I bought at Yarn School and practiced carding cotton fibers. I filled a basket of rolags (I wouldn’t call them punis because I didn’t roll them around a dowel when pulling off the card) and used those for spinning practice. In the photo you can see the bobbin with my yarn resting on the uncarded fibers and behind the bobbin a rolled up rolag. There are lots of little nubs and noils in the rolags but no amount of carding seemed to get rid of them. I just have to practice more, I guess, but at this point I need a break because I keep hitting the knuckles on my pinky finger and they are sore and bleeding. I am considering putting masking tape over them when I card again.

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