Life after Work

Farm Saturday

Oachelita and I

After a busy morning at Tonopah Rob’s farm stand where I boxed up almost scores of CSA boxes John dropped me off at Chile Acres just before lunch. I visited the new foal Lunar, helped clean out his stall, and just had an all around good time. The friendly horse above is Oachelita, who is one of my favorite horses to pet. She likes following people around, probably for the off chance that a horse cookie might fall her way. Actually most of those horses do that, especially if they’re born and raised at the Acres.

I also got to try Celia’s first attempt at making cajeta which is a Mexican goat milk caramel. Her version was really nice and more cinnamon-y than the commercial stuff you can get in a jar at the Mexican store. After sampling the cajeta numerous by dipping animal crackers into the pot we used it to top some home made goat milk ice cream. Yum!

We had thought about driving out to Saddle Mountain for shooting practice, but John was too tired when he came over from Rob’s in the afternoon, so we postponed that to tomorrow.

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