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Doctor, doctor…

Yesterday and today I had doctor appointments in the morning. Yesterday was my yearly physical which is really just our “family” doctor asking my a couple of questions, recording my vitals (weight, height, blood pressure) and poking and prodding me in a few places. As usual I forgot to ask if my weight is different from last year, (although I tend to blame any weight gain on key chains, loose change, screw drivers, power tools, etc. in my pockets anyway) but I’m pretty certain I haven’t shrunken. I vaguelly remember being disappointed that I didn’t make the full 5’5” last year. Maybe next year I’ll remember to make more of a stretching effort in front of the measuring stick?!

Today’s appointment was at our dentist’s. I can’t believe we’ve been seeing this guy for so many years now! He’s made a small fortune on my crowns about 8 years ago and since then I’ve been able to stave off ye olde drill by brushing and flossing semi-regularly. Until now, that is. Tooth decay finally got me, but luckily it was really no big deal (unless you count the double-dose of lydocaine that was needed knock out my jaw). The good doctor ripped out my old “silver” filling and replaced it with some new stuff. It is sad to see on my x-rays that I have maybe five or six teeth left that have no fillings at all.

 Come to think of it, I wonder why I don’t get a copy of my x-rays, they are in digital format after all? I should try to remember to ask when I have my next appointment. It is already set for 6 months from now, except we always forget until they call us two days before the appointment.

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